Bentley Studios | The Visionary Experience

If you're going to own a Bentley, shouldn't it be custom?

Many Bentley owners go with the standard specs and end up looking just like the rest of the Bentley pack. But that's because there are over 1.3 billion permutations to sort through. So we changed the process. 

The Visionary Experience at Bentley Studios
 Meatpacking District, NYC
Spring 2014

Our pop-up studio invited prospective Bentley owners and the beautiful public to take their Bentley visions from a twinkle in the eye into an approachable possibility. It's how a very traditional brand found a tech-savvy and artful way to reach their modern audience.

How it works
1. Select your Key (skip to 0:46)
Guests choose one of three key designs. RFID-enabled keys allow users to have a seamless experience in the studio, and is the first style indicator for the Visionary guest. 

2. Curate Your Vision (skip to 1:05)
Guest takes his key to different stations where they are presented with 2 images at a time. Simply tap the key on the image that resonates. Choose enough images to build a small database that our algorithm will work with to develop 

3. See Your Results (skip to 1:37)
Guests then evaluate their curated images in a one-on-one session with a Bentley ambassador, scrolling through with unique gesture-based software. Finally, he can see how his selections map out on our matrix (2:11) and intersect with Bentley's 1.3 billion possible permutations. 

It's bespoke bespoke.