Say No To Spring

Spring means allergies. Unless there is no spring.
The Muddlers of America are out to stop the season of allergy misery.
But for anyone looking for a simpler alternative, Zyrtec (an allergy medicine) has your back. 

The Muddlers of America launched their initiative with a plea on Groundhog's Day, to the actual Groundhog. Things escalated from there. 


Muddlers of America Interviews with Seasonal "Experts"

What's a promotion without content that promotes the promotion?

Muddlers of America also got on the Tumblr and tried to get their movement moving.
The campaign launched with an Open Letter to Punxsutawney Phil, the famous weather-predicting groundhog. From there, things got desperate. 

Throughout the campaign, Zyrtec was the quiet voice of reason and as subtle
as our legal team would allow us to be. Wherever our Muddlers' pre-role ran, Zyrtec had coy paid banner ads. And when the Muddlers brilliantly bought ad space on reputable news source, The Onion, Zyrtec sponsored said "Pssttt, hi, over here."